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The Franks (also known as the French) are a Western European civilization in Age of Empires II that focuses on cavalry. Although primarily an offensive civilization, they possess a few defensive perks as well. The Franks conquered and inhabited modern day France, which was previously known as Gaul Franks are extremely predictable and any competent foe will keep Spears and such on-hand, so a Frank player must try to micromanage the Knights well. Bombard Cannons are also useful for opening up cramped bases so that Paladins can maneuver more easily. On water maps, Franks have an average navy, and should use their cheaper Castles to gain an. The Franks are able to build castles at a 25% discount. It allows them to build the strong unique units and siege weapons, and advance to Imperial Age, faster than other civilizations. All of their cavalary units have 20% more hitpoints; this is their best advantage when the game proceeds to a later stage

In-game, the Franks are specified as a cavalry civilization. Overview [edit | edit source] Civilization bonuses [edit | edit source] Farm upgrades are free. Castles are 25% cheaper. Mounted units +20% HP (starting in the Feudal Age). Foragers work 25% faster. Team bonus: Knights have +2 Line of Sight. Unique units [edit | edit source] Throwing. Well the Frank's didn't have a great eco bonus in aoc and free farm ups take a while to kick in. Now with this bonus they have a solid dark age. The berries gather fast and consider how food heavy franks are they need all the food boost they can get. With 54hp scouts. Franks have the best early to mid feudal scout rush. Though if enemy gets bloodlines you are now -9hp worse but you also don't. The Throwing Axeman is the unique unit of the Franks in Age of Empires II. It is an infantry unit with a ranged melee attack. Throwing Axemen can be upgraded to Elite Throwing Axemen in the Imperial Age as someone who plays franks quite a lot, whenever i face halbs i simply try to rush past them and go direct for their economy.. using my cavs speed to my advantage. It would be wise to set up some paladises strategically so the cav is forced to face your halbs . level 2. Jimmy's cheesteak Original Poster 1 point · 7 years ago. Yea you are right in theory, but the problem I had was that I didn.

Pop 7 | 4 to wood means at Pop 7, the next 4 vills (pop 8 to 11) go to wood. Pop 22 | 2 Fv to Wood means at Pop 22, 2 vills that are working on Sheep / Boar go to wood. Created military units are not counted in Pop. Like most build orders, this does not include many small details, so if you're a new player remember to aoestats aggregates the latest ranked matches for Age of Empires II and provides in-depth data and statistics on a civilization basis; stats include: win rate, play rate, win rate vs. game length, and more

I saw more than a few guides for 20 knights in 20 minutes using Teutons, but I wanted to provide the same strategy using a stronger civ. Franks transition. Version: Age of Empires II DE Hotfix 43210. A project by Siege Engineers.Contribute on GitHub. Made by hszemi, Anda, exterkamp, paulirish, lalitpatel, with thanks to Jineapple, TriRem, pip, and NkoDraga The Siege Onager is a ranged siege unit in Age of Empires II that can be trained at the Siege Workshop once the Imperial Age is reached. It is primarily used against large groups of enemies. Its high attack and splash damage make it a powerful unit, especially against archers and slow-moving units. Its main offsets are its low movement and projectile speed, minimum range, high cost, and. Franks. The Franks may feel like an unusual choice for best civilization to some people. But the numbers don't lie! The Franks are not only the most successful civilization in the AoE II competitive scene, they're also ahead by a large margin

Neeeeeiiiggghhhh Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition 'Scout Rush' strategy guide The Scout Rush is a great way to surprise your enemy with an army of fast-moving cavalry early on in the game Franks are a great civilization for new players. They have a focus on Cavalry and the Throwing Axeman is their unique unit. Chivalry and Bearded Axe are the special technologies and they excel in the Knights department. Their Cavalry is straightforward to build and the Infantry is incredible A few of the most common Build Orders used in Age of Empires 2 for newer players. Not comprehensive...

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This Guide will tell you how to get a Fast Castle (Between 16:30 to 17:00) with either enough resources to boom, or make a few knights to harass. Very good read, please tell me if you have any critiq Follow my twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/nobody41 for live community games, coaching, pro commentary, and gameplay. If you would like to take part in free c.. At first glance, I didn't think that the Elite Boyar would be better than the Frank's Paladins but in equal numbers, and very close to the same amount of res.. Detailed data and statistics, including win rate and play rate, on the Franks civilization in Age of Empires II in the 1v1 Random Map ladder across all Elo. Current win rate: 54.88%. aoestats; Civs; Maps; FAQ; Buy me a coffee. Patch: 43210; Ladder: 1v1 Random Map. Elo: All. Franks. Win Rate. 54.88 %-17,408 games. Play Rate. 8.27 % +4%. 31,720 games. Win Rate vs Game Length. Win Rate by Patch.

As title states, Franks blue, Britons red. These two civs have obvious colours attached to them. I have it on good authority that if you are seen changing Franks to red in a LAN party you will be sent to a deep dungeon with the other dangerous psychos The best civilizations for the knight rush are Britons (Shepherds work 25% faster), Chinese (cheaper technologies), Franks (Foragers work 25% faster), Huns (no houses, so more stables), Mongols (Hunters work 50% faster), Persians (TC works 10% faster, ensures fast Castle) and Teutons (Farms 33% cheaper, so more food for wood). A Krush with any other civilization is a bit later than the ones.

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Franks (get 20% hp on all cavalry instead of bloodlines) Goths (not recommended) Huns (No houses needed, Stable works 20% faster) Indians (Cheap Villagers => Always food for scouts) Italians (Cavalry units shine in water maps thanks to the bonuses) Japanese (not recommended) Khmer (No barracks needed to build a stable) Magyars (get free blacksmith attack upgrades) Malians (Free gold upgrade. Unternehmensberatung Leadership Development, Change Management, Culture & Health. Wir etablieren neue Fähigkeiten und aktivieren die Selbstwirksamkeit. Wir bringen Überzeugungen, Werte und Verhalten von Menschen sowie Organisationen in Bewegung und Übereinstimmung

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Franks will go 20 pop scouts. M@a is kinda slow to actually so any damage unless you go 21 pop 4 m@a as brits but your eco is then extremely fragile and if you don't do damage it's pretty bad, you'll die to early castle knights Franks have access to BBC (bombard cannons) so you don't even need a castle for this either. I would recommend focusing on eco and military production. Don't make a castle if you don't have to. level 2. 3 points · 16 days ago. I don't know man, chivalry can be an absolute game changer. Having cavalier and paladin 1:30 minutes earlier and faster production is huge in early imp, especially in. Compilation of AOE2 Build Order's, Civlization Guides, Unit Counter List, Unit recommendations. PLEASE: Message or comment with build orders you would like me to add. WARNING: Following these build order's and using your hotkeys will increase your ELO. NOTE: All of build order with Ryuk's name in them were created watching recorded games. In every build order with Ryuk's name he researched. Druzhina Strategy Archive - AoE2. Introduction » Franks 13 Minute FC Castle Drop. Franks 13 Minute FC Castle Drop. Dark Age: * 6 vils sheep.....pop 7 * 3 vils wood.....pop 10 * 1 vil lure boar.....pop 11 * 4 vils to mill.....pop 15 * start pushing deers towards TC as soon as you've found all 8 sheeps * lure 2nd boar when 1st boar has 160 food remaining * 3 vils to boar (10 vils under TC.

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